That’s Why I’m Single!

A debacle I’ve had over the past twenty-four hours with a major airline company forced me to show up at the ticket counter at the airport bright and early this morning. I was not getting anywhere with the six different representatives I spoke with over the telephone, and decided the best way to solve the problem was to speak with someone in person. Needless to say, I got the situation resolved in about ten minutes just by dealing with someone face-to-face. But I digress. That is not the purpose of tonight’s blog.

Today, I write about self-respect; the often touted, but fleeting concept. As I stood at the ticket counter this morning I heard three words that made my ears perk up and my body swung in the opposite direction to see who uttered those words and at whom those words were directed. “ARE YOU STUPID?” That was the response to the simple question “should I follow you?” asked by a woman to a man [her travelling companion who I assumed was her husband]. What was most shocking to me, however, far more so than the man’s retort, was the woman’s response. In a soft gentle tone, she uttered “I wasn’t sure since we have separate tickets” and she quickly followed behind him. Both the ticket agent and I looked at each other in disbelief. Those three words “ARE YOU STUPID?” were uttered so loudly everyone in the general vicinity heard them, and I could almost feel the woman’s embarrassment. The redhead at the counter looked me in the eyes and said, “that’s why I’m single!”

In essence, what the redhead was trying to tell me was that she would never put up with someone like that; she would rather be alone than be disrespected! “I told my friends I am going to write a book about fifty dates after fifty, because why bother? Even the ones you think are not that bad turn out to be assholes.” I chuckled, as my mind went back to the couple I observed a few minutes before. Was that normal? Did that woman constantly deal with that type of abuse? Her reaction suggested that was her normal, and I felt sad.

We have often heard the phrase “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” Although the exact origin of that quote is uncertain, it touches on a very important concept. We have to hold ourselves in such high esteem that we stand our ground for things that are important to us. One of those things should be respect. We have to respect ourselves enough to command respect from every single person we deal with. It starts with us! We are treated the way we allow ourselves to be treated. I truly hope what I observed this morning was not that woman’s normal; if it is, I hope she will have the courage to change it.


Until next time,