Haagen-Dazs Rocky Road, Joel Osteen’s Break Out and My Balcony…

…were the three things I turned to this evening after what felt like an eternity of a day, an eternity of a week, and it is only Wednesday! I came home today feeling beaten, wishing I could rewind the past couple days, and start over! It is amazing what a huge bowl of ice cream, four chapters of inspiration, and some fresh air can do! As I write this evening’s blog, my face is no longer wet from the tears of frustration and hormones that flowed earlier, I feel renewed!

Very often, God sends me angels! Yesterday, a dear friend stopped by to give me a book she had purchased for me. She had told me about this particular book, and how inspirational it had been for her over the past few months. To my surprise, she had ordered it. It was the book I reached for when I came home this evening, and it was exactly what I needed.

Break OutAs I read the opening chapter, one particular paragraph struck me:

“Sometimes you need faith and victory spoken over your life. Words have created power. When you receive them into your spirit, they can ignite seeds of increase on the inside…You were not created to just get by with an average, unrewarding, or unfulfilling life. God created you to leave your mark on this generation. You have gifts and talents that you have not tapped into. There are new levels of your destiny still in front of you. But break out starts in your thinking.” [emphasis added].

There I was feeling beaten and broken; and Joel Osteen was telling me, I needed to change my thinking. The mind is powerful, and our thoughts control us; they control our actions. I needed to hear those words today. I had a choice: I could either allow negative people and circumstances to affect my mood and make me miserable, or I could decide that I will not allow either to get the best of me. Sometimes the latter is easier said than done. But as I sat on the balcony with my bowl of rocky road, I did some reflecting on my life.

Negativity breeds negativity. My experiences have taught me that anytime I am positive about a particular situation, good things happen! The alternative is equally true. Sometimes, we are put through difficult situations and circumstances to test our faith; to determine whether we are strong or weak. Life is full of ups and downs, but that is life. Today was a downer, but I declare tomorrow is a brand new day; a day to start over!

I wish for you, my friends, a wonderful rest of the week – and if you need it, a big bowl of yummy goodness!

Rocky Road

Until next time,


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