Be Like Elle in Legally Blonde

Okay, well maybe not literally, but in many ways being like Elle isn’t such a bad idea! Most of us have been underestimated at least once in our life. We have had our fair share of naysayers and those who may not come out and actually say it, but we know they are thinking it.

If you’ve ever watched the movie, you will remember the scene in which Elle told her career counselor she planned to apply to Harvard Law School. This is after she had been dumped by her boyfriend because she was too, well, blonde, and not serious enough.

Counselor: “Harvard Law School?”

Elle: “That’s right.”

Counselor: “But that’s a top three school.”

Elle: “Oh, I have a 4.0”

Counselor: “Yes, but your major is fashion merchandising. Harvard won’t be impressed that you aced History of Polka Dots. What are your back-ups?”

Elle: “I don’t need back-ups, I’m going to Harvard.”

Needless to say, Elle Woods, was accepted into Harvard. She didn’t appear to be the brightest crayon in the box, but she played on her strengths [as comical as those strengths are] and used those strengths to achieve the unexpected – not just graduating law school but graduating valedictorian of her class.

Legally Blonde

As fictional as the movie is, there are a few good lessons:

1) Believe in yourself; no matter what other people think of you;

2) Be ambitious, even if to everyone else your dreams seem far-fetched and unrealistic;

3) Be yourself;

4) Don’t take yourself too seriously;

5) Use the naysayers as motivation;

6) Be confident;

7) Work hard;

8) Seek the advice of the learned;

9) Don’t forget your common sense;

10) Don’t forget where you came from; and

11) Remember, humility goes a long way!

Until next time,


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