Turning Back the Clocks

I woke up this morning feeling quite overwhelmed! As the alarm went off, all the appointments on my calendar this week started spiraling through my mind. I immediately started thinking about the two depositions, two court hearings, and jury trial that was penciled for this week. I wanted to turn the clocks back to Friday. I rolled over and fell back into a slumber. Thirty minutes later, my second alarm for the morning went off, and it hit me! It was time to rise and shine; another week was here!

A part of my anxiety this morning was likely due to the several movie clips in my head at nights lately. I heard dreams, fantasies and nightmares quadruple during pregnancy – and oh were they right! In between my dream about being in my childhood home in Jamaica, and the one about being stranded in the middle of nowhere, was my dream about showing up for a mediation totally unprepared. Those dreams were unnerving, but reflected, in many ways, all the feelings and emotions controlling my mind at the moment. Feelings about being unprepared for our little one’s arrival and whether we will be good at this parenting thing are front and center and clearly dominating my dreams. Feelings about balancing the demands of our jobs with the new responsibilities that come with being a parent. I often wonder how parents find the time; it is not an easy job! This is certainly evidenced by the key piece of advice I get so often now: “SLEEP NOW, SLEEP AS MUCH AS YOU CAN.”

“Don’t sweat the small stuff” is another piece of advice I have gotten over the years from a very dear friend; one who manages to juggle so much and does it with such grace and style. It is a constant reminder, even in the moments I feel totally overwhelmed and powerless, to regain perspective and remember the big picture! At times, we get boggled down in the details to the extent we forget to focus on the important aspects of our lives; such as our health, our family, our friends!

Lisa Earle McLeod, in her empowering book Forget Perfect reminds us of the importance of “finding joy, meaning, and satisfaction in the life you’ve already got and the you you already are.” Her message is simple: forget perfect and start living! That means, doing the best we can, even when we feel our best is not good enough. It means stop worrying about every single detail because there are things in our lives we cannot control. It means living in the moment and enjoying the ride. I read that book, but I am still learning; constant work in progress!

Until next time,


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