6 Hours of Walking, a Water Taxi and a Shuttle Bus …

…equals one very tired pregnant lady and a tired husband, but a fun day was had by all. Today, Mike and I had one of those spontaneous, impromptu days that started off as a quiet, relaxing Sunday but ended as a “Sunday Fun Day.” It began with me looking out the glass screened door and thinking what a beautiful day it was, to Mike researching something fun to do in Miami. We had heard about the Miami International Boat Show, but it had slipped both our minds. Deciding that sounded better than a day on the couch with Netflix [though we thoroughly enjoy those Sundays], we got dressed and we were out the door.

Boat Show View of WaterIt was a magnificent day for an outing. The streets of downtown were jammed pack with people from all over the world. Some who came to the boat show to invest in a boat, or perhaps a yacht; and others like us who just wanted to sight see. I chuckled as I sat on one of the shuttle buses and saw the prices of the boats ranged from $1,000.00 to a whopping $5 million. Yes, $5 million for a yacht. But for some of us, that is merely pocket change.

Boat Show Yacht

Perhaps our most favorite part of the experience today was riding around on the water taxis on Biscayne Bay. It was as if we were tourists, visiting for the first time. I suppose we could technically still be considered tourists; it hasn’t even been a year. We didn’t mind the fact we had to wait twenty minutes in line to board. The trip up and down Biscayne was worth the wait. It was calming, yet riveting and the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. We even discovered a marina we had no idea existed. All in all, it was a wonderful way to end the weekend, and now we are both pooped!

Miami Dancing Lady in BackgroundMiami Boat Show Downtown

Until Next Time,


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